Happy Weekend

I love the weekend. Especially when the week feels particularly long and painful. I really enjoy Daily Odd Compliments and this one really seemed to fit my mood the past few days and I’m glad to have a husband that totally understands and helps me through it. 


During the week, one of my favorite pastimes is cooking and reading recipes (I know, lame, right?). I perused Pinterest and my favorite blogs for recipe ideas. I stumbled across the recipe for vegan popcorn chicken and it sounded delicious. We made it Friday and as a side, we kept it simple and chose baked onion rings. Both of these recipes were fairly simple (but messy!) to make. The vegan popcorn chicken utilizes TVP (textured vegetable protein), a great meat substitute. Similar to tofu, TVP takes on the flavor of the dish it’s added to. It’s incredibly versatile and we have used it in chili, tacos, sloppy joe, and more. There’s some debate about soy products, so I use TVP in moderation. 


Vegan & Gluten Free Popcorn Chicken with Dill Dip

As a side note, the lemon pepper definitely made the recipe, so I would highly recommend using it as the primary seasoning. Also, in the future, I would definitely halve the recipe. Overall, we really enjoyed both recipes and have a few new items to add to our recipe box.

As the weekend rolls on, I hope to complete school work and prepare myself for the week ahead. Hopefully this week is less feeling-like-I-want-to-curl-into-a-ball-inducing.  

And finally..




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