(Vegan) Cheese, please!

It is rare for me to have two bags of vegan cheese in our fridge. In all honesty, it’s rare for me to have one bag. However, with Easter, I found myself buying my second bag of Daiya cheese in under one week. What used all of this cheese you ask?


Homemade pizza at the end of last week.


Mini quiche for Easter (and eaten for breakfast this morning, haha).


And Mac-n-cheese with the remaining cheese!

For holidays, I always find it challenging to make foods that “fit” what everyone else is eating, is easy to make for one, and can be transported with minimal effort. The quiche recipe fit 2/3 criteria. I halved the recipe, so it was easy to downsize. It also transported well. Sadly though, it didn’t seem to “fit” the general menus of my family’s Easter lunch and my in-law’s. Why does it matter, though? For myself, vegan and gluten free eating wasn’t really a choice. Due to my medical issues, I have to eat that way. I want to have some semblance of normalcy and feel like I’m taking part in the same sort of holiday that everyone else is. As time progresses, I’m finding ways to make more foods that are gluten free and vegan that fit the bill. Despite the quiche fitting only 2/3 marks, it sure is tasty. Plus, I’ve been enjoying it for breakfast with a slice of toast and coffee since Easter Sunday.

As mentioned above, when I noticed yesterday that I had two bags of Daiya cheese sitting in my fridge, I immediately wondered what I could make with it. I am quite a fan of Amy’s vegan and gluten free “Macaroni & Cheeze,” but at $5 a pop, I rarely buy it.

ImageSo, I thought. And consulted Google. And found Daiya’s very own website with a recipe for mac-n-cheese (with an image that looked a lot like the one on the Amy’s box). I gave it a whirl, and let me tell you, it was an exact replica of Amy’s, but way better because it’s fresh, and it was made with everything that I already had. The recipe stated it made four serving sizes, so I chose not to halve it. After making it though, I would highly suggest halving it unless you’re having company or if you’d like to have leftovers. It called for three cups of cheese, so I used 2 cups of Daiya’s “cheddar” and 1 cup of their “mozzarella” cheeses. It’s been a particularly cheesy past couple of days, which I’ve definitely been using as fuel for finals in my graduate classes. If you so choose, I hope you enjoy your vegan cheese too!


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