Knee Jerk Reaction.

I know that title reads as “Knee jerk reaction” but really, I intend it to mean that my knees are jerks and that is the reaction. To burpees. And squats. And running.

Prior to finals, I started kicking my fitness into high gear with HIIT (high impact interval training) and running. Granted, my endurance wasn’t exceedingly high, so I had planned on beefing it up and quickly. Wrong. When you have whimpy knees, this does not compute. Proof? I’ve been hobbling around like an old man for a week or two. Instead of gradually working up endurance, I thought that doing everything at once would be the solution. Who told me this would not compute? My husband. Who did not listen? Me. And now I pay the price.

Instead of HIIT and running. I’ve been doing yoga and pilates. My knees are gracious and are mending themselves ever so slightly. When looking up information about my forlorn knees, I found it bizarre that no one really addressed this topic. There were a few “bodybuilding” pages that spoke about the knees, but other than that, not much. There was no protocol for achey, painful-to-bend knees. So here is mine.

1. Do not exercise beyond your means. Meaning, if you cannot run a half mile, don’t try to get to a mile in a week.

2. Rest. And rest some more. Do not over-exert your poor knees. These are your bread and butter for the rest of your life (along with yo’ hips). They get you from A to B. And if you can’t get from A to B and have to have bilateral knee replacements, you’ll see my smiling face as your therapist post-op.

3. Ice, ice, baby. Ice those knees. Especially when they’re doggin’.

4. Stretch.

5. Stretch some more. But seriously.

6. Don’t try to get there at once. Life is a journey, not a destination.

And with that, namaste.



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